Helium Leak Detection

Helium Leak Detection 
 Helium Leak Detector

Helium leak detection is among the most reliable and effective testing methods available for testing the structural integrity of welds. It is a crucial process that has helped make us a leading manufacturer of vacuum component parts.

Using helium mass spectrometers, we perform vacuum leak detection tests on all our welded parts and components. These precisely tuned, high-tech machines are sensitive to even the smallest leaks, and are highly effective for testing large, complete systems as well as small, individual parts. If we detect any leaks in our welds, the problem area is identified and the weld is redone. Our helium mass spectrometers are located side-by-side with our welding stations to promote more efficient testing and faster production speeds.

Thanks to our exceptional welding capabilities and vacuum leak detection systems, the rejection rate for our finished products is less than 0.25%. Ameriflex, Inc.® guarantees each and every vacuum part will be functional and leak-free when it arrives at your door.

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