Slip Joint Bellows

Slip Joint 
 Slip Joint Bellows

Ameriflex, Inc.® manufactures top quality slip joint bellows for IndyCar and NASCAR racing. For many years we have manufactured and supplied inconel slip joint bellows for the turbocharger applications of such racing teams as Penske, Newman & Haas, Players Forsythe, Patrick Racing, Target Chip Ganassi, and others.

These exhaust manifold components are designed to absorb heat and vibration generated by race cars’ high performance engines. Our slip joint bellows are made from inconel or other specialty metals that can withstand extreme temperatures without compromising their performance.

We manufacture our slip joint bellows to our customers’ unique specifications for bend radius, pitch, etc. Our precision CNC manufacturing capabilities allow us to maintain design tolerances within a few thousandths of an inch.

As racing rules and regulations change, drivers and mechanics demand better, higher-performance parts and components. Ameriflex, Inc.'s® slip joint bellows deliver the superior quality and performance they need to maintain their competitive edge. With the recent IndyCar Series engine regulation announcement regarding the return of the turbocharger, we would like to invite you to request a quote for the slip joint bellows you need, or contact us to learn more.