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bellows Ameriflex Inc. is proud to be the number one manufacturer of bellows for the vacuum electronics industry in the U.S. Our bellows and expansion joints help to deliver vacuumed air in a controlled quantity. We offer a wide range of bellows in stainless steel, copper, monel, titanium, inconel and other high nickel alloys. Our entire line of bellows and expansion joints has a range of sizes: from .1/8" through 48" I.D. Our machining processes also allow us the flexibility of having a varying wall thickness range from single-ply .003" through multi-ply .050".

At Ameriflex Inc. our bellows combine the top engineering, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, extremely close dimensional tolerances, and almost 26 years of bellows and other vacuum related experience to provide the exact bellows for any application.

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